Hi! I’m Boming YANG (in Chinese:杨 博铭), a Ph.D candidate Student at the University of Tokyo in Graduate School of Technology Management for Innovation, under the supervision of Prof. Yutaka Matsuo. My current research interests include Large Language Model and Graph Neural Network. I like cats and Dota.


Rui Yang, Boming Yang, Sixun Ouyang, Tianwei She, Aosong Feng, Yuang Jiang, Freddy Lecue, Jinghui Lu, Irene Li: Leveraging Large Language Models for Concept Graph Recovery and Question Answering in NLP Education (arXiv)

Dairui Liu, Boming Yang, Honghui Du, Derek Greene, Aonghus Lawlor, Ruihai Dong, Irene Li: RecPrompt: A Prompt Tuning Framework for News Recommendation Using Large Language Models (arXiv)

Boming Yang, Dairui Liu, Toyotaro Suzumura, Ruihai Dong and Irene Li: Going Beyond Local: Global Graph‐Enhanced Personalized News Recommendations.(RecSys 2023, Best Student Paper)

Zihui Li and Boming Yang: NNKGC: Improving Knowledge Graph Completion with Node Neighborhoods (DL4KG workshop, ISWC 2023)